How to Create Delicious Zero Calorie Mixed Drinks with USA Flavors

Mixed drinks are a staple for social gatherings and personal enjoyment, but they often come loaded with sugars and calories. Zero calorie flavor concentrates from USA Flavors provide a perfect solution, allowing you to enjoy delicious mixed drinks without compromising your health goals. In this post, we'll share expert tips on how to create tasty zero calorie mixed drinks using our wide range of flavor concentrates.

Why Choose Zero Calorie Flavor Concentrates?

Zero calorie flavor concentrates are highly concentrated liquids that add intense flavor to your drinks without any added sugars, calories, or carbs. They are ideal for anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, particularly those following keto or low-carb diets.

Benefits of Using Zero Calorie Flavor Concentrates in Mixed Drinks

  • Healthier Options: Enjoy your favorite drinks without the guilt of added sugars and calories.
  • Variety of Flavors: A broad selection of flavors to keep your mixed drinks exciting.
  • Convenience: Easy to use and blend with any drink base.
  • Shelf-Stable: No refrigeration required, with a long shelf life of up to 2 years.

Expert Tips for Creating Zero Calorie Mixed Drinks

Tip 1: Choose the Right Base

Start by selecting a zero-calorie base for your mixed drinks. Popular choices include sparkling water, diet tonic, unsweetened tea, or even zero-calorie soda. These bases provide a great canvas for your flavor concentrates.

Example: Use sparkling water as a base for a refreshing and fizzy drink.

Tip 2: Perfect the Mixing Ratio

Zero calorie flavor concentrates are highly potent, so a little goes a long way. Generally, 1-2% of the final drink volume is enough to achieve a delicious flavor. Start with a few drops and adjust to taste.

Example: For a 12 oz drink, use about 1.5 to 3 ml (approximately 30-60 drops) of flavor concentrate.

Tip 3: Experiment with Flavor Combinations

Get creative by mixing different flavor concentrates to create unique and delicious combinations. This keeps your drinks exciting and offers endless possibilities.

Example: Combine Blue Raspberry Blow Pop and Lemon Mint for a tangy, refreshing drink.

Tip 4: Garnish for Extra Flair

Adding a garnish not only enhances the presentation but can also complement the flavors of your drink. Fresh fruits, herbs, and even edible flowers make excellent garnishes.

Example: Garnish a Berry Lemonade drink with fresh raspberries and a sprig of mint.

Tip 5: Sweeten to Taste (If Needed)

If you prefer a sweeter drink, consider adding a keto-friendly sweetener like stevia or erythritol. This keeps your drink zero-calorie while enhancing its sweetness.

Example: Add a few drops of liquid stevia to a Cherry Cola mixed drink for extra sweetness.

Top Zero Calorie Flavor Concentrates for Mixed Drinks

Blue Raspberry Blow Pop Beverage Flavor Concentrate

A fun, tangy flavor that pairs well with sparkling water or diet lemonade.

Lemon Mint Beverage Flavor Concentrate

A refreshing, zesty flavor perfect for summer drinks and iced teas.

Cherry Cola Beverage Flavor Concentrate

A nostalgic, sweet flavor that brings back memories of classic cola.

Acai Berry Beverage Flavor Concentrate

A rich, tart flavor that works well in cocktails and mocktails.


Creating delicious zero calorie mixed drinks is easy with flavor concentrates from USA Flavors. By following these expert tips, you can enjoy a variety of tasty and health-conscious drinks that cater to your taste preferences. Experiment with different flavors and combinations to find your favorites, and share your creations with us on social media using #USAFlavors.

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